Excip International is a leading supplier of Excipients, API and Chemical Intermediates to the pharmaceutical industry. We provide Quality Assured products to meet all demands of pharmaceutical product manufacturing

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Excip International - Sourcing & Supply

We supply a non-exhaustive list of pharmaceutical excipients for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, quality, GMP/GDP compliance and cost to manufacturing facilities being our major sourcing focus. 

API (Active pharmaceutical Ingredient) and chemical intermediates requirements for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are also supplied upon request. Contact our sales team at sales@excipinternational.com  all queries treated confidentially in line with our procedures.

Chemistry News

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Brian Clegg gets to the heart of the matter on the benefits or otherwise of one of the most commonly prescribed drugs
Tap water of 6 million in the US contains industrial chemicals
Study finds perfluoroalkyl substances exceeding safety limits across the country

Reproduced by permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry

Excip International - Distribution

Our sourcing for supply is worldwide and as such distribution to customers is also global. Our logistics team have significant experience in import/export requirements, shipping, and all procedures comply with GDP (Good Distribution Practice).  As materials fall within article 2.5 the company is exempt from the REACH directive.

Our team ensures the safety, security, and ownership of excipients for supply and fully understands the "quality security" requirements of products to the pharmaceutical industry. For more info contact our logistics team logistics@excipinternational.com

Excip International - Services

We assist leading manufacturers by providing non core pharmaceutical manufacturing services. Contract warehouse leasing, stability storage, laboratory analysis, engineering, validation services, QA peer reviews upon request.

The company's core business is the provision of excipient products to facilities but the company firmly believes to provide this service a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and the industry is required. As such the company is ready to provide experts in all these aspects. Contact info@excipinternational.com